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Enduring Questions

Enduring Questions: The Mark Collier Lecture Series

Enduring Questions: The Mark Collier Lecture Series was established in honor of Dr. Mark Collier, President of Baldwin Wallace University from 1999-2006.

"EQ," as it is known in campus shorthand, supports faculty, staff, students and community members as they learn, share, and explore the global issues that surround the ways we perceive, interact and live with those around us. The series features renowned speakers and experts from a range of academic disciplines in public lectures, small group discussions and/or classroom visits. This dialogue supports BW's strong core of a liberal arts education that enlivens curiosity and challenges students to grapple with the fundamental, timeless questions of humanity.

To that end, EQ themes focus on such enduring questions as:

  • What is human nature?
  • How do humans relate to each other?
  • How do humans relate to the natural and spiritual world?
  • How do societies, through their practices and policies, cultures and customs, address our shared challenges?
  • What is our role and responsibility to make our work better and more humane?

These are the kinds of "enduring questions" that challenge all of us to contemplate who we are and how we relate to others and to the environment in which we live.