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Computer/Technology Endorsement

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Teachers may add the computer/technology endorsement to an existing license without completing an entire master's degree. Teachers can earn the computer/technology endorsement from BW in a total of 22 credit hours. The curriculum requires three courses and two field experiences.

Qualifications for the Computer/Technology Endorsement in Ohio

Teachers will earn the computer/technology endorsement by completing required coursework and state exam. Successful completion of Ohio Department of Education approved exam(s) is required for teachers to quality for the computer/technology endorsement.

Computer/Technology Endorsement Curriculum


Tuition and Financial Aid


Graduate & Professional Studies Admission

(440) 826-8012,

Department of Education

(440) 826-2166, (440) 826-3779 (fax)

Academic Advisor (Licensed Teachers)

Gail Habig, (440) 826-6534,

Dept. of Education Contact (Initial Teaching License)

Dr. Debra Janas,

Leadership in Technology Program Coordinator

Dr. Susan Finelli-Genovese, (440) 826-8064,

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