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Graduation Guarantee

At many universities, more than half of the students take five or six or more years to earn a bachelor's degree. Baldwin Wallace guarantees you'll graduate in four, or we'll pay the tuition for the extra time it takes you to finish.

Why does Baldwin Wallace make this promise?

Because we believe one way to dramatically cut the cost of a higher education is to finish in four years. The BW Four-Year Graduation Guarantee was the first of its kind in northeast Ohio.

Why is graduating in four years important?

In addition to paying for additional years of tuition, room/board and incidental costs, students facing postponed graduation can have lost earnings potential related to delayed career entry.

These losses can amount to $28,000-60,000 a year due to an inability to enter the workplace in a timely manner.

How does the Graduation Guarantee work?

The BW Four-Year Graduation Guarantee does NOT require you to start college with a backlog of AP credits, go to summer school or forgo the opportunity to take internships or study abroad.

However, it DOES require you meet certain academic and social expectations that include:

  • Coming to BW ready to do college-level work.
  • Signing the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee agreement before you begin your first semester freshman classes at BW. (Specific requirements of the guarantee agreement may vary by major.) You do not need to commit to a major to participate in the Guarantee.
  • Using Student Planning (a software tool that helps you to plan your academic schedule and experiential learning opportunities) and meeting with your academic advisor.
  • Being a full-time student and remaining in good academic standing.
  • Participating in educational programs designed to ensure your academic success. You must also agree to allow the University to notify your parents/guardians of your grades and academic records.

Contact an admission counselor for more information about the Baldwin Wallace Four-Year Graduation Guarantee.