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FAQs - Leadership in Higher Education

Admission Questions

When is the application deadline?

The LHE program operates on rolling admission and is currently accepting applications for its fall 2024 cohort. Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications no later than February 1 to participate in LHE interview day in early March. Priority application review begins December 1.

How do I get matched for a graduate internship?

Candidates who apply prior to February 1 will be encouraged to participate in LHE interview day in March to interview for open graduate internships. For applications received after February 1, you can still interview for internships, but interviews will be done individually with each internship coordinator. To learn about our LHE graduate internships, please contact Kate Glaser at (440) 826-8016 or

I applied after the LHE Interview Day. Can I still be matched with a graduate internship?

Yes. Candidates who participated in LHE Interview Day have the first opportunity to interview for the open graduate internships available. Students who apply to the LHE program after Interview Day will have the opportunity to interview for open graduate internships. The LHE program will set up these interviews separately.

Is the GRE Required?

The LHE program does not require submission of the GRE. We approach our admissions process holistically, evaluating the potential of LHE applicants through prior demonstrated leadership ability, academic ability and conversations to evaluate passion for this work.

What type of candidates are you looking for?

Candidates for the LHE program come from a variety of backgrounds, demonstrate a capacity and commitment to transformative leadership and share the common desire to support the development of all college students. Some LHE students enter the program directly out of college while others have worked for several years in various fields and industries.

I'm a current BW student or graduate. Do I need to submit my transcripts?

The admission office will work with current BW students and graduates to retain official BW transcripts. If official transcripts from other institutions were already submitted to BW for prior coursework, the admission office may be able to utilize those during the admission process. Please contact a member of the admission staff for more details.

Program Questions

When does the LHE program start?

The LHE program begins in August and can be completed in two years for full-time students. Due to the structure of the curriculum, students cannot join the program during any other term.

What is the typical cohort size?

BW intentionally keeps cohorts small to ensure well-rounded, practical experiences. In any given year, our cohorts range from 12-15 students and include both full-time and part-time students.

What is a graduate internship?

All full-time students complete two distinct, one-year professional-level internships at BW and/or other local colleges and universities. Enrollment into the program is contingent upon being selected for an internship through a competitive interview process.

BW's unique and holistic graduate internship model provides extensive practical learning opportunities within both academic affairs and student life. Each internship carries graduate credit toward degree requirements.

Is the LHE program offered part-time?

The part-time program is designed for employed college or university professionals who wish to earn a master's degree in higher education while maintaining full-time employment. Applicants to the part-time program must have worked at least one year in their current full-time position in higher education.

Part-time students complete career-enhancing internships with the colleges or universities where they are employed. Their current positions may be expanded to serve as internship sites, or they may secure an approved internship in another department.

Is the LHE program offered online?

No. The LHE program is designed for extensive hands-on learning and development, resulting in all courses and graduate internships being conducted in-person.

What is a practicum?

Practicum is a hands-on learning experience outside of your graduate internships that allows you to gain more understanding within a certain area. Practicum experiences should accumulate at least 40 hours and can be project driven. Most students choose to do their practicum over the summer break.

Examples of past practicums include:

  • Alternative Break Advisor at Baldwin Wallace University
  • NODA Intern at UNC Chapel Hill
  • NODA Intern at Johnston & Wales University
  • First Year Experience Programs Graduate Intern at Gonzaga University
  • Residence Life and Academic Initiatives Intern at Kent State University
  • Student Affairs Assessment Intern at Case Western Reserve University
  • Conference and Event Services Summer Coordinator at San Francisco State University
  • "Experience Honors!" Program Coordinator at Baldwin Wallace University
  • ACUGO-I Intern, University of Buffalo

What does the day to day life look like for a graduate intern?

LHE graduate interns are viewed as staff and fully participating members of the offices in which they work. Each graduate intern creates a weekly schedule with their office supervisor. While most interns work daytime hours, some internships may require evening or weekend availability. Within your graduate internship role, you will be given the opportunity to lead projects, be asked to initiate new ideas and will collaborate across departments.

How are classes structured?

Classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 - 8:30 p.m. All classes are taught in-person on BW's campus by practitioners in the field: deans, provosts and professionals who have not only mastered the course content but have applied it to their successful careers.

Where do LHE graduates find jobs?

Through the many practical experiences within our program, LHE graduates develop a vast skillset that is transferrable to a variety of positions. As they have worked across departments, our graduates are able to apply for jobs for which their peers at other institutions are not able to apply. Every year, LHE graduates secure outstanding positions at two-year institutions, both public and private 4-year institutions, and within education adjacent organizations.

Is a thesis required in this program?

No, as a capstone to the LHE program, students will create a video presentation highlighting key concepts they learned as well as their overall development throughout the LHE program.