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5 Year Speech-Language Pathology Program

Accelerate your studies and boost your career potential through Baldwin Wallace’s 5 year speech-language pathology program that enables you to earn both bachelor and master’s degrees in five years. The distinctive program offers an exclusive pathway for selected students in BW’s undergraduate communication sciences & disorders major to seamlessly segue into BW’s master of science in speech-language pathology (SLP) program.

Reduce Time, Tuition with BW's 5 Year Speech-Language Pathology Program

BW’s new program enables you to begin your career as a speech therapist a full year earlier than the traditional format of four years of undergraduate studies followed by two or more years of graduate school. Plus, you’ll benefit from paying four years of undergraduate BW tuition and only three semesters of graduate school tuition – a potential savings of thousands of dollars.

Seamless Transition from Undergrad to Grad SLP Studies

As a communication sciences & disorders major, you can apply to BW’s integrated B.S./M.S. Speech-Language Pathology program during the summer between your second and third year. The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) is not required for admission.

You'll take graduate coursework beginning your fourth year at BW and transition directly into the master’s program. You’ll graduate from BW with both a bachelor of science degree in communication sciences & disorders and a master’s degree in speech-language pathology. You’ll prepared to pass the Praxis exam for speech-language pathology and be ready for employment.

Intensive Coursework in Speech Therapy, Language, Hearing

You'll learn from professors with decades of classroom, clinical and research experience. The curriculum includes the same comprehensive coursework offered in the speech-language pathology undergraduate and graduate programs. The combined program requires 150 credit hours of undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Applied research is inherent to the program. You can work alongside academic and clinical faculty in conducting research. You also have the option to do your own original research study based on an area of interest.


Extensive Clinical Experiences

You'll work with clients having diverse communication needs through the Baldwin Wallace Speech Clinic, community agencies, internships and volunteer programs. Under the supervision of a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, you’ll provide therapy to clients who have speech, language and communication disorders related to autism, articulation, voice, reading, traumatic brain injury, Down's Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease, stroke and concussion.


Required Courses for 5-Year Integrated B.S./M.S. Program in Speech-Language Pathology

Undergraduate Level Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
CSD 105D Introduction to Communication Sciences & Disorders 3
CSD 220 Speech and Language Development 3
CSD 225 Phonetics & Phonology 3
CSD 235 Clinical Ethics & Management 2
CSD 236 Speech & Language Observation 1
CSD 321 Neurology, Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism 3
One Disorders Course CSD 325 Articulation & Phonology Disorders
CSD 340 Language Disorders
CSD 335X Clinical Practice - Individual 1
CSD 351 Speech & Hearing Science 3
CSD 420 Audiology 3
MTH 120 Applied College Math 3
PSY 100 Principles of Psychological Principles 3
PSY 205 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 278 Elements of Statistics 4
BIO Human or Animal Biology 3-4
Physical Science Any CHM or PHY course 3-4
Minor Psychology, Diversity Studies or other minor approved by Department Chair Varies
All Core Curriculum Requirements EXCEPT Interdisciplinary Requirement
International Studies Requirement

Graduate Level Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
CSD 510 Child Language Disorders 3
CSD 521 Neurology, Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism 3
CSD 525 Articulation and Phonology Disorders 3
CSD 530 Clinical Foundations 3
CSD 535 Clinical Practice 1
CSD 550 Integrations 3
CSD 531 Diagnostics in Speech-Language Pathology 1
CSD 536 Clinical Practice 1
CSD 551 Integrations 3
CSD 560 Foundations of EBP 3
CSD 610 Adult Language Disorders 3
CSD 625 Motor Speech Disorders & Dysphagia 3
CSD 534 AAC/Assistive Technology 2
CSD 537 Clinical Practice 1
CSD 552 Integrations 2
CSD 555 Speech-Language Pathology with Special Populations 3
CSD 541 Fluency Disorders 2
CSD 542 Voice Disorders 2
CSD 621 Aural Rehabilitation 2
CSD 635 Clinical Practice 3
CSD 638 Clinical Practice – School-Based Setting 1
CSD 650 Integrations 2
CSD 636 Clinical Practice 6
CSD 651 Integrations 1
CSD 677 Capstone 3
CSD 563 SLP 2B in Zambia 1


Course Number Course Name Credits
CSD 660 Applied Research 1