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Undeclared Major

Are you unsure about your major as you prepare to start college? While many students begin college with a declared major, Baldwin Wallace University welcomes many students each year who have an undeclared major.

If you are undecided about a major, BW is the perfect place to discover the areas you're passionate about. With over 85 undergraduate majors, we're confident we can help guide you toward the major that is the right fit for you.

You can enroll at BW and begin your first year as an undeclared major while exploring any major and career paths that you're interested in. You'll find the support you need from faculty, undergraduate programs, peers and student life.

  • BW offers a strong foundation of an arts and sciences education that helps to build the necessary skills that employers are looking for, including problem solving, written and verbal communication, critical thinking and more.  
  • The first year of classes provides opportunities for students to explore interests, meet faculty and discuss your academic options. Small class sizes provide opportunities to talk with faculty and further explore potential majors. 
  • Through BW student life, you will have numerous co-curricular opportunities, from clubs and organizations to service and leadership, that will help you find a sense of belonging and engage you during your first year on campus.
  • BW offers several experiential learning opportunities, such as study abroad, internships, research and more that can help to prepare you for your career, even if you are unsure about your major. 

Support for Undecided Majors

Beginning your first semester at BW, you will be assigned an academic advisor based on your areas of interest. They will be a faculty member who regularly works with students who are undecided majors and is familiar with a wide range of undergraduate programs at BW. The BW Career Center also offers multiple options for career and interest exploration.   

We encourage you to give careful consideration of the schedule preference form that you will fill out after you provide a deposit to confirm your interest in attending BW. This information helps us to select classes for your first semester that will allow you to explore your interests.

Flexible Major Options

Students are required to have a major and a minor, though there are some exceptions. Alternatively, you can also choose to declare two majors or two minors. Most majors and minors allow room for multiple interests while still allowing you to graduate on time. We also offer an interdisciplinary major option that allows you to create your own major if your interests do not align with one specific major. You can combine courses from three different departments with the guidance of your advisor.


What will my first year look like?

You will have a sample schedule with different core classes so you can explore different departments. Note that most students do not take major courses during their first semester. After you make your deposit and complete a schedule preference form, we use this information to schedule your classes for your first semester. 

What happens if I can't decide on a major before classes start? 

Your first semester at BW provides many opportunities to explore your interests and adapt to being a college student. Your course schedule will be similar to most incoming first year students, which includes the First Year Experience class, math, English and a few additional core classes.

Who can I talk to about deciding on a major?

You will be assigned a faculty member as an academic advisor who is experienced in helping you explore your options for a major. You may also take advantage of other resources on campus to help you explore such as the Career Center, where you can use Pathway U, the exploratory self-assessment tool.

When do I need to decide my major?

Most students declare a major before their second year, however, depending on the major you choose, you may be able to select a major later and still meet the requirements to graduate on time.

What if I have very different interests?

You may be able to combine your interests by declaring two majors (double major), or through selecting a minor. You can also select two minors. BW offers an option to create your own interdisciplinary major if you have interests in three different areas. You may be able to explore some of your interests through co-curricular activities through BW's many student clubs and organizations. 

What if I declare a major and then change my mind? 

You can change your major at any time, in fact, many students do. However, you should consult with your academic advisor to determine if changing your major will impact your ability to graduate on time.

Which major will help me to find a job?

There are some jobs that may require a certain major, but your ability to find a job when you graduate depends on the opportunities you pursue during college. Your job search could be impacted by the professional skills you learn in class, such as critical thinking and communication, co-curricular and internship experiences you have and more.

Ready to Learn More About BW?

Visit Campus

Taking a tour of BW's campus is a great way to learn more about BW and experiencing our community firsthand. Scheduling a one on one tour through our admission office will give you the opportunity to see the campus through a student guide's experience as well as ask questions, meet current BW students and even grab some lunch!

Visit a Classroom

Head to a classroom! Tell us about your interests and we will arrange for you to take a sneak peek of a current BW class where you can sit side by side with BW students and meet the professor. If you are unsure about your interests, there are several general classes we can recommend that you visit to introduce you to BW's academic experience.

Meet a Professor

Speak with a professor! Our faculty members are eager to meet and discuss your career, academic or personal goals. We will connect you with a professor who is aware of opportunities across campus.

Contact Admission

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