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Health Guidance for Baldwin Wallace Community

Posted August 31, 2023

BW Students and Faculty Working Together

Following a sustained response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health authorities have communicated that we are now in an endemic response, equipped with tools and resources to better protect ourselves and our communities. We must continue working together to manage ongoing public health needs – including COVID-19 and other illnesses and injuries – by actively partnering with students and being attuned to changing terrain.

Find out who to contact for assistance with your questions regarding information on this page.

Policies and Expectations Related to COVID-19

Attendance Policy

If students, faculty or staff are symptomatic, they are instructed NOT TO ATTEND class, work and other activities and to seek immediate/timely medical guidance to clarify what might be causing those symptoms before returning to class, work and other activities. This cautious approach necessitates flexibility, grace and understanding when enforcing attendance policies.

Academic Communication Policy

Frequent, timely and clear communication is paramount. When students are impacted by COVID-19, they are expected to communicate with their faculty. When faculty and staff members are impacted by COVID-19, they are expected to communicate with students about any changes to class, work and other activities that must be made.

Review the following expectations for students, faculty and staff in regards to attendance and academic communication policies for those who contract COVID-19:

Expectations of Students 

Expectations of Faculty and Staff

COVID-19 Guidelines and BW Protocols

Finally, showing respect through support of each other and assumption of individual responsibility regarding health practices continues to guide us. Review the following pertinent COVID-19 guidelines and BW protocols for which BW community members are responsible:


  • For questions about class absences and faculty communication, contact the Provost at (440) 826-8520.
  • For questions about symptoms or testing, contact Health Services at (440) 826-2178.
  • For all other questions, contact the Dean of Students at (440) 826-2111.