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Professional Development

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Professional Development

Fall 2023 Course Schedule

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What is Professional Development at BW?

Our approach is rooted in high-touch relationships, where we get to know you and your goals upfront. We offer flexibility for organizations, with open enrollment courses and customized solutions taught on-site, virtually or in a hybrid format. We listen to you, we're focused on your needs and we help you to select the right professional development program.

Our faculty and industry experts facilitate our programs by combining leading-edge thought with real-world experience. You can be confident that the education you receive is of the highest caliber, with the additional value for attendees to connect and network with peers at local organizations.

Why is Professional Development Important?

Finding, training and keeping great employees is always going to be a challenge. In this highly competitive labor market, offering professional development opportunities is a way to invest in your people and stand out to prospects as well as current employees. Not only will your employees learn valuable skills to keep your business strong, but you will also offer a benefit that attracts and retains a motivated team.

Customized Non-Credit Professional Development Program

BW offers non-credit professional development and training that provides practical, hands-on, applicable scaling and upskilling. We're intentional, creative and flexible with who we engage to teach custom courses, leveraging faculty from across BW's campus in various disciplines.

The expert who will teach your program meets with your organization to understand your goals and design the course specifically to meet your expectations - either as a complete curriculum or as a supplement for your internal professional development offerings. We don't settle for run-of-the-mill instruction; we believe in thinking outside the box to inspire and drive strategic outcomes. Examples of customized solutions we've provided include:

  • Tapping the head baseball coach to teach leadership.
  • Leveraging the Conservatory of Performing Arts to teach storytelling and improvisation techniques.
  • Engaging our culinary team for teamwork exercises.
  • And so much more!

Shorter than credit-based processes, our professional development programs combine hands-on technical expertise with real-world experience to send our partners off with applicable skills they can put to use in their organization the very next day.

Open Enrollment Programs

To support the development of leaders at all levels of organizations and industries, BW leverages its diverse portfolio of faculty experts and practitioners to offer a robust, a la carte menu of open enrollment offerings and certificate programs on the most in-demand business topics and professional skills.

Open enrollment courses, which may be hosted on campus or virtually, intentionally bring together leaders from a variety of industries and sectors. This enriches the open enrollment learning experience by welcoming a diversity of perspectives and providing opportunities for participants to extend their professional networks.

2023 Project Management Courses and Registration

BW's professional development courses offer hands-on, real-world applicable curriculum designed to help you and your organization succeed. Whether you are an individual seeking to hone a skill, a team, or an entire organization, BW has industry experts ready to instruct, consult and develop the business community and beyond.

The courses below are open enrollment, non-credit courses relevant to any industry or level. These courses can be taken individually or together to complete the project management certification. Each course will be three hours and lunch will be provided each day.

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Professional Development for K-12 Educators

Learn more about workshops for K-12 educators.

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