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Federal Work-Study

There are two types of campus employment available for students who would like to cover some of their college costs through part-time employment:

  1. Federal Work-Study (FWS)
  2. Non Work-Study

Who is eligible to work on campus?
Students who are full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours) and seeking their first bachelor's degree at BW are eligible to work on campus.

Federal Work-Study
Full-time students with FWS as part of their financial aid offer are given priority for hire. FWS is offered based on financial need using the information received from the FAFSA. If you are eligible for FWS, it will be listed on your financial aid offer. FWS is considered "self-help aid." If you choose not to participate in FWS, it will not be replaced with gift aid.

Please note that being offered FWS eligibility in your financial aid offer:

  • does not require you to work on campus;
  • does not mean you are guaranteed a job; and
  • does not mean that you will earn the maximum eligibility listed in your offer.

Non Work-Study
Full-time students without FWS are considered Non Work-Study and may seek student employment on campus starting the fourth week of the semester.

How do I find a job on campus?
If you are eligible for FWS, it is your responsibility to secure a campus job. For more information, please contact the Student Employment Center at (440) 826-3177.

How many hours per week am I allowed to work?
Federal Work-Study
Hours are determined by dividing the dollar amount of Federal Work Study in your financial aid offer by 30 weeks and then by your pay rate. For example, $2,000/30 weeks/$8.15 = 8.23 hours you are permitted to work each week during the academic year.

Non Work-Study
Non Work-Study students are limited to ten hours of work per week during the academic year.

What do I need to have on file with the Student Employment Center before I begin work?
You need to complete an I-9 Form, a W-4 Form, the Ohio School Tax District Form and a Direct Deposit Form.

How much will I be paid?
Student jobs on campus pay State of Ohio minimum wage. Your supervisor will inform you if your position is one that pays above the State of Ohio minimum wage. There is no difference in the pay rate for FWS and Non Work-Study.

How do I get paid?
Paychecks are issued every two weeks on Friday. Your paycheck can be deposited directly into your personal bank account or your BW student billing account.

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