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Message from the Dean of the School of Business

Susan Kuznik

It is my great pleasure to lead the Baldwin Wallace Carmel Boyer School of Business, where my esteemed colleagues and I provide a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional development programs to poise you for success throughout your career.

The BW School of Business stands out among other institutions because of our faculty. Our unique faculty portfolio is composed of academic Ph.D.s, business world Ph.D.s and corporate executives who focus on teaching and preparing students as their top priority. Our faculty bring real-world learning into the classroom through simulation tools, applied projects and experiences. As an MBA faculty member at BW since 1985, I've experienced firsthand the lifelong impact our faculty members have on our students.

My passion for preparing adult learners fueled my efforts in my most recent position as the associate dean for graduate business programs. In this position, I helped develop an array of new graduate programs designed for the fluctuating lives of working professionals, removing barriers to entry for many students. My goal for the School of Business is to become the leader in lifelong learning by putting the student's needs at the center of everything we do.

If I could say one thing to the future graduates of the School of Business, it would be to remember that your journey as a learner has not ended. Employers are seeking individuals who will continue their pursuit of knowledge and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. In your quest for knowledge, we encourage you to return to the hive, whether it's to start a new program or professional development course, take advantage of our free topical business events, or stop by and discuss your interests with a faculty member. We are here to fulfill professional education and work closely with small and large businesses providing individual and organizational development.

As a BW graduate or professional program participant, you will leverage the advanced education and faculty mentoring you received. You will learn to see the business world through a systems-thinking lens, enabling you to apply your skills and knowledge to lead organizations through change, challenge and opportunity.

I hope you have a remarkable experience during your time at BW in whatever program you choose. May your future endeavors be rewarding.


Dr. Susan Kuznik
Dean and Professor, Carmel Boyer School of Business

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