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School of Business Class Projects

Photo of students giving a presentation

With our focus on real-world, applied learning, many BW business faculty involve startups, established enterprises, and non-profit organizations in their lesson plans each semester. When your organization becomes a live case study for BW student or group of students, you are providing a valuable learning experience while receiving support and assistance to help you drive growth and reach your goals.

Some examples of ongoing business courses that rely on the involvement of outside businesses and organization include:

  • MGT 310SX Human Resource Management: Part of the Jacket Philanthropy program, this course matches teams of students with community nonprofit organizations to design proposals for benefits communications plans, training programs, wellness programs, recruiting strategies, and other deliverables. Students then compete to secure funding to help partner organizations implement the proposed idea.
  • MKT 437X Content Marketing: In this rigorous, upper-level marketing course, teams of students serve as the content marketing agency for a local business. Past clients have included an app startup, an alternative medicine practice, a local manufacturer, and a high-end bed and breakfast. At the conclusion of the semester, each client receives a number of web pages, blog articles, videos, infographics and other content mapped to strategic goals. Clients are the sole owners of this content, which can be published to their own websites and social media accounts.


If you are interested in working with a BW faculty member and undergraduate or graduate students on a class-project, submit the form below. Please note: We will review each request, but we may not be able to accommodate some projects due to scheduling constraints and curriculum guidelines.