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Experiential Learning for Undergraduate Business Students


Experiential learning bridges classroom study with real-world opportunities. You can enhance your studies through internships, fellowships, study abroad and a variety of co-curricular and other learning opportunities.

Digital Marketing Center

The Digital Marketing Center helps BW students to stand out in the job market and enables businesses to thrive in the marketplace. As a student-run agency, the DMC matches teams of talented students with local startups, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to develop and deliver actionable digital marketing strategies based on proven inbound marketing techniques and using the latest best practices in content marketing, social media, email marketing and web design and development. Students can earn certifications from digital marketing applications like Hubspot and Hootsuite, network with industry leaders, earn EXP credit, and get paid for select internship experiences.


The Institute for Sustainable Business Practice (ISBP) explores, promotes and seeks to drive principles of sustainability within business and organizational practice. ISBP's programs and services serve business organizations and professionals in the Northeast Ohio region, as well as BW students and faculty. ISBP works in partnership with BW's academic programs to foster understanding of sustainability concepts.


Every year, more than 50 business students study abroad for a semester at a foreign university in countries such as England, Australia, and Italy. Seminars in Brazil and China offer opportunities to examine logistical, manufacturing, service, retail and government issues abroad.


Students work alongside faculty in the BW Sustainability Clinic to assist public and private sector organizations in Northeast Ohio to improve operations, reduce costs, improve profits and/or foster growth.


Under the supervision of faculty, the BW Tax Clinic allows students to gain valuable, real-world tax preparation experience while providing a helpful service to the community.


Open to students of every major, LaunchNET is an innovative program that presents entrepreneurship as a viable career path and offers students concrete tools and guidance to transform ideas into thriving businesses. LaunchNET offers students access to an extensive network of mentors, experts and services.

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