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Adult Student Admission


The Associate to Bachelor's Program (A2BW) program is a transfer agreement that gives you maximum credit from your associate degree and streamlines completion of your bachelor's degree at Baldwin Wallace.

If you've earned an associate degree from a regionally accredited college or university, we've got great news for you. The A2BW program recognizes all the credit you've earned in your associate degree and sets you on a direct path to completing your bachelor's degree.

Qualifying Associate Degrees

Qualifying associate degrees must be in one of these degree areas:

  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Science
  • Associate of Applied Business
  • Associate of Applied Science

Associate degrees affiliated with an apprenticeship program do not qualify for the A2BW program.

Benefits of Transferring with Your Associate Degree

Reduced Core Requirements

Transferring to Baldwin Wallace with your associate degree will reduce the number of core requirements you have to take at BW.

Using the State of Ohio's Articulation and Transfer Policy - Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36), A2BW students must have a minimum 24 transferable credits from these disciplines: English, mathematics, arts/humanities, social and behavioral sciences and natural sciences. If your associate degree does not include 24 credits from these areas, a BW academic advisor will help plan whether it's best to complete the remaining credits at Baldwin Wallace or before transferring.

Guaranteed Junior Standing at Baldwin Wallace

A maximum of 60 credits transfer to BW from two year colleges for an associate degree. You'll work with a BW academic advisor to plan your remaining coursework toward graduation.

Choose Any Major and Minor at BW

Baldwin Wallace University offers more than 85 majors and minors. Some BW programs may require that A2BW students complete additional coursework beyond the minimum 60 credits. These programs may take longer than two years to complete. (For example, engineering, exercise science, neuroscience, Conservatory of Performing Arts majors, education majors, or majors that lead to professional certification or licensure.)

Transfer Equivalencies

All course equivalencies in your associate degree program will transfer to BW toward a BW major, minor and core requirements. You can upload your college transcripts and a transfer admission counselor will review your transcripts.

Summer Classes at BW

BW provides a summer course benefit for transfer students. A2BW students can take two summer classes (up to 8 credit hours) with no out-of-pocket cost. View summer course offerings. If you have questions regarding summer course benefits for A2BW students, please contact the admission office at (440) 826-2222 or

BW Transfer Partnerships

Baldwin Wallace has established a number of transfer partnerships to ensure maximum transfer credit from regionally accredited two-year colleges.

BW Partnerships with Two-Year Colleges:

Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts:

A2BW Pathways for Tri-C students

A2BW Pathways are curriculum guides that have been approved by both BW and Tri-C to show you how courses in various Tri-C associate degree programs can maximize degree requirements at BW in lots of different majors.

BW transfer admission counselors are available to meet with Tri-C students through the Tri-C transfer centers.

College Credit Plus (CCP)

If you have earned your associate degree while still in high school as a College Credit Plus/dual enrollment student, you will receive credit for your college classes as determined by the A2BW program, but you will enroll at BW as a first-year student and will be required to take FYE-100 (first-year experience). CCP/dual enrollment students must have earned a cumulative 2.5 GPA in their college coursework to qualify for A2BW.

BW's Online Transfer Guide

BW's online transfer guide shows how courses transfer from more than 80 area colleges and universities. Students also transfer credits from many other accredited schools not included in the online transfer guide.


If you have questions about any of the A2BW benefits, please contact the BW Admission Office at or (440) 826-2222.